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Crystal Healing! Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic (or no?)

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I was on my way to Ghana, and I had recieved so many gifts to wish me safe travels. One of those gifts was a couple of gemstones wrapped up in a necklace. I had recieved the gift from a couple that owned the salon and massage center that I loved to frequent whenever I was back in my hometown, and we had grown quite close. At first, I was a little hesitant to accept them because I was weary of believing in the healing properties of...stones?

But wearing them couldn't hurt, or would it? I wasn't sure, but I thanked them for the stones and glanced over the papers they gave me about their different properties. I had a plethora of stones that I believed covered everything in the book, so I thought I would be fine. Although I was pretty dubious, I wore those stones with me everyday while I was in Ghana. The information packet came with affirmations to say to myself every morning, but I had left them back in the States. Instead, I just fiddled with them when I was nervous, which was all the time, yet something changed. Throughout my travels, I felt protected and secure in myself. One of the stones was sodalite, which is for the throat chakra and encourages communication. Throughout my time, I was able to say how I felt about retuning to my roots and even articulate to my professor that our program needed more diversity. I felt assure in my words, and I loved it.

Another stone that I had in the mix was Rose Quartz, a stone famous for love and also the mysterious mother on Steven Universe. Was this stone really going to help with my love life? Several Ghanaian men flirted with me, and the rest of that summer was filled with ducking and dodging the advances of several men, so maybe it helped love come to me. However, I was not amused. When I said I needed love in my life, I didn't need to be overwhelmed but it!

Truth is, the jury is still out on the stones for me. I like to make my bracelets with natural stones, so if they were to fall a part, they would go back to being one with the Earth. I also believe that you must put your own energy into the stones. I tell myself that I want to think clearly when I wear my white howlite, and when I'm feeling unsure, I rub them to help myself. I love the beautiful look of white howlite, which is why it often adorns my wrists, but I also wear 2-3 strands to help myself think. I've always been a level-headed person, but sometimes I just need to focus on different patterns in the beads to clear my mind.

White Howlite is used for the head chakra to clear the mind and help guide judgement. Very important for confused Millennials like me!

People often ask me for certain stones, and I try to sell what I can afford to sell at $10. Popular stones like Amethyst and Rose Quartz are on the more expensive side because everyone wants love, and those mineral deposits may only be in certain parts of the world. I do try to help people because who says crystal healing can't be cute? I notice people have on strands with just one type of bead, but why can't you mix it up? Hematite is a beautiful and heavy gem that many say can be used for grounding and protection. Why can't we also pair it with Howlite or jet? I notice that a lot of stones have similar properties based off of their color like jet and onyx. Both stones are black and used for protection, but onyx helps you find and control yourself while jet clears negative thoughts.

I do not claim to be an expert on crystals. I do my research, and after looking at multiple sources is when I decide to make my conclusion on the healing properties. I encourage people to seek knowledge for themselves, and if they can benefit from the bracelets I sell, then of course I encourage people to buy!

I often pair gemstones with lava stones which can be used for aromatherapy and further the healing properties of my bracelets. Check out my next blog post for more details on lava stones.

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