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Mama said there'd be days like this!

A little over two years ago, a bright-eyed and bushy haired college sophomore set up a her bracelets at a Saturday market. It was her first day selling, and she made so much money! Her profits intoxicated her, and before she knew it, she was selling at every market she could find.

"What happens if you don't sell?"

One of her friends asked her. She didn't even bat an eye,

"I haven't had a day where I didn't sell, but if that day were to come, then I would just pick my head up and try again another day."

Boy did those days come.


I won't disclose the days that I didn't sell because those aren't important. What's important is that I continue to pick my head up and keep grinding. One of my professors told me that the best salespeople are the ones who can handle rejection. I chuckled to myself because although I hate selling, I don't mind rejection. I don't mind the days where people rush past my table, or folks stick up their nose at my wares.

I keep a smile on my face, and I let them go about their day. I don't have to beg for sales because I do just fine to cover the days that I don't sale. What I learned is that I have to continue to put myself out there and read between the lines. Not every craft fair is meant for me. The weather isn't always on my side. There just might be too many jewelry vendors, and the market is just saturated. I don't feel embarrased by low sales because that's life.

We won't hit it out of the park every time. People might not even know where to find my products, and everyday I am still learning something new. These lessons might comes from talking with other businessowners or from reading my textbook and having a Eureka moment.

I am sharing this to say to other businessowners, to keep pushing.

You might think it's a waste when you drive to another city and barely breakeven, but then you make a connection with another businessowner who ends up featuring you on their page and giving you free advertising. You may meet someone who studied the same thing you did in school and give you pointers on how to navigate your career. You may even get free meals and other great things just for being bold enough to put yourself out there. Never forget that you miss all of the shots that you never take.

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